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Miranda Jo Davis, author of "Christian Girl in the Yoga World"

Sep 29, 2020




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Are you a Christian who's intrigued by the mental and physical benefits of yoga but fearful of trying it because you're concerned about the spiritual roots of the practice?

Are you a Christian who currently practices yoga but is uncertain whether what you are doing is compatible with your faith?

Do you love the physical and mental benefits of yoga but worry that it might leave you vulnerable to harmful spiritual influences?

If you answered yes, this book is your Christian guiding light for safely navigating the often spiritually dark world of yoga. Christian Girl in the Yoga World gives biblically-based solutions combined with practical instruction for those who desire to start yoga or currently practice.

Miranda Jo Davis is an expert in the yoga world with over twenty years' experience. She owns a Christian yoga/Pilates studio, infusing scripture to shape her teaching. In ministry, Miranda is a biblical counselor, using God's word to implement heart change. She is a published Christian writer and featured on TV, radio, and print for education in Mind/Body wellness.

This must-read book provides the wisdom needed to be in the yoga world but not of it.


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